The following list contains bugs that are already known and being worked on and problems that are not addressable due to the limitations of the main game. Please do not send a bug report if your problem is already listed here.

Laser Damage

Damage from lasers is intentionally disabled in Portal Reloaded. A bug that causes lasers to do damage to players in certain situations is currently being investigated.

Portal Rendering Depth

The source engine limits the render depth of portals and world portals. This may cause portals to not render correctly when viewed through a time portal. There is little that can be done about that as increasing the render depth leads to further problems.

Time Portal Rendering Distance

When certain graphics settings are set to ‘low’ the time portals will only render correctly up to a certain distance.

"sv_cheats" Printing to the Screen

In some cases,  loading a save file will cause certain console commands to print to the screen whenever the player interacts with a time portal. A fix for this problem is in the works.

Save File Management

The loading of individual save files would require a complete rework of the menu. This feature will probably not be added in the near future.

Crosshair Logic

The custom crosshair in Portal Reloaded has no logic behind it and can not be adjusted at the moment.

Too Many Portals

When loading a save file in the future, sometimes the correct Portal ID is not set, which can result in portals behaving in unintended ways. A fix for this  is in the works.