Progress Update

Hey guys! Today I’d like to share an update on the development of Portal Reloaded with you. The amount of attention this mod has received since its announcement is absolutely insane and beyond anything I ever expected. While I am extremely grateful for all the positive excitement around Portal Reloaded, I still would like to clear up a few things before release and try to temper expectations a bit. First up:

  1. Portal Reloaded is NOT trying to be Portal 3 (duh) or the next Portal Stories: Mel. This mod is way smaller in scope and overall quality.

2. Portal Reloaded is a hobby/side/passion-project created by a single developer.

3. Portal Reloaded is not going to be for everyone. The mod’s target audience are experienced players, who are familiar with the main mechanics of the Portal series. Essentially, the mod adds an additional layer of complex rules on top of the existing puzzle mechanics of Portal 2. If you are a newcomer to the Portal series, you might walk away from the mod frustrated due to its difficulty.

4. There will probably be some hiccups on release. Nothing is perfect and while I’m doing my absolute best to make the game as good as it can be, please keep in mind that the added mechanics of Portal Reloaded are very experimental in nature and are prone to cause some problems here and there.

With these things out of the way, here are a few more topics worth mentioning:

Release Date

Since playtesting started back in January, I’ve been busy listening to feedback and trying to improve the game where possible. Portal Reloaded is still scheduled to release on April 19th, exactly 10 years after Portal 2. 

Community Translations

While the story does not take center stage in Portal Reloaded, I would still like to support as many subtitle languages as possible. The translation process should not take longer than a few hours. If you would like to help out translating the script of Portal Reloaded into your native language, please send an email to applications[at]

The following languages already have translations in progress: French, German, Italian, Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish.

Post Release Content

My first priority after release will be fixing any potential issues and improving the game where needed. Once all of that is sorted out, I can focus on things like the release of the soundtrack, the addition of developer commentary and sdk content for creating community made maps in the hammer editor and perhaps even creating some bonus chambers, if people are interested.

Thanks for your amazing support! I am very excited for you to finally play Portal Reloaded.