Hello playtesters, thanks for helping out! Please read the following instructions carefully before playing. Once you have received your beta key, you can go ahead and install the game via the Steam client (Games –> Activate a Product on Steam). Portal Reloaded is designed as a standalone application, so it should run without Portal 2 being installed on your system.

Launch the mod and adjust the video and audio settings, key bindings and controls to your liking. Then, quickly check that the settings for your screen recording software are correct. To ensure a good video quality while also keeping file sizes at an acceptable level, please choose a quality setting like 1280×720 at 5MBit/s. Make sure that the in-game audio is recorded as well.

Your first playthrough of the game is the most valuable for playtesting, as this will be the only one representative for the experience of a new player. Please make sure that you always record your gameplay during this first playtrough. 

You can share your gameplay footage with me by uploading it to a cloud storage service like Google Drive / Dropbox / WeTransfer / etc. and sending me a private link per email to You do not need to edit your footage before uploading.

In subsequent playthroughs you should focus on finding bugs, unintentional puzzle solutions and other aspects that might lead to a worse experience for a new player. For this process, you only need to record the specific events you want to give feedback on.

Keep in mind that this is a solo-development project. Some aspects of the mod are not finished. Puzzle difficulty is still subject to change.

You can find a link to a full walkthrough of the game with all solutions to the 25 puzzles here. However, please only use this walkthrough if you really need to. Looking up the solution to a puzzle too early defeats the purpose of playtesting.

Thanks again for your help!