Is this game really free?

Yes. As long as you own a copy of Portal 2, you can simply download Portal Reloaded from the Steam store.

Can I help translate the game into my native language?

Sure! If your language is not yet listed on Portal Reloaded’s Steam store page, you can send an email to applications[at]

Can I make Let's Play / Walkthrough videos for this mod?

Yes. Portal Reloaded uses Valve’s video policy guidelines, which can be found here:

Can I use the music in my videos?

Yes. But please make sure to mention where you got it from.

How difficult is this game?

Portal Reloaded is a mod targeted at Portal veterans, who are familiar with the concepts of the main game and might even have played other community made mods like Aperture Tag or Portal Stories: Mel in the past. Admittedly, the mechanics of Portal Reloaded can seem complicated at first, but the mod tries its best to explain them in a slow and engaging way with some relatively simple puzzles at the start of the game.  However, the mod also wants to push its concepts to their limits and explore many new and interesting ways of puzzle solving. So do expect the puzzles to become more difficult over the course of the game. The goal is to make the test chambers challenging, but not frustating to solve (which is a very hard thing to do btw). The game’s difficulty has and will continue to be balanced through playtesting. More information on that can be found below.

How long is this mod?

Playtime in puzzle games is very hard to predict. The mod features 25 puzzles, which all have a present and a future version and additional areas between the test chambers. If you know the solution to all puzzles, you can probably complete this game in about an hour. For a first playthrough, I would predict a playtime of 3-5 hours. The mod tries not to artificially strech the game for the sake of playtime, but to do something new with every puzzle.

Is there a story? What is it about?

Portal Reloaded features a small and contained story, which is delivered through more than 100 custom voice lines. The plot is detached from the events of the main series and does not alter any established story threads. You play as a previously unknown test subject and explore a sealed off part of the facility.

Who is developing this mod?

Hi, my name is Jannis and I’m the sole creator of Portal Reloaded. I first started working on this project a few years ago with no real intention of ever releasing it as a complete mod. But over time it grew into what it is today.

How can I support this project financially?

Portal Reloaded is and always has been a passion project with no financial gains in mind. If you really enjoyed your time with the mod and you want to support me as a creator, you can purchase the digital soundtrack here: Digital Soundtrack

Will there be a SDK?

No. Everything new in Portal Reloaded is achieved through scripting only. No changes to the source code were made. If you want to create your own custom maps for Portal Reloaded, you can follow this guide.

Where can I find the music heard in the reveal trailer?

Will the mod have Steam achievements?

Unfortunately, no. Adding achievements is sadly not possible for Portal Reloaded.

How does this mod compare to other community projects?

Expectation management is very important for mods like this one, so here’s a quick rundown. Please keep in mind that Portal Reloaded is developed by one creator only, who has not previously released any Source related content. Therefore, it simply cannot compare to huge community undertakings like Portal Stories: Mel. At least not when it comes to aspects like story, level design, animation, modelling, texture artistry and composition. Where Portal Reloaded does shine, in my opinion at least, is its new and interesting puzzle mechanics. This is also where the main focus of the game lies.

How do I shoot the third portal?

By default, you can use the middle mouse button (or scroll wheel) to fire a timeportal in the game. However, you can change the key bindings if you would like to use a different input instead. This game can also be played with a controller, though it is recommended to play it with mouse and keyboard.