If you encounter problems after loading an old save file, try restarting the map from the main menu. 

Please check these known issues before sending your bug report!

    Application: issues like crashes, freezes, low framerates, boot problems, loading times, save file management, etc.
    User Interface: a problem with the menu navigation like faulty buttons, unclear descriptions, etc.
    Gameplay: a bug related to actual gameplay like clipping out of bounds, getting stuck on geometry, problems with physics objects, etc.
    Puzzle Design: an issue that leads to a broken puzzle solving experience like unintended solutions to chambers, confusing or missing signage, bad lighting, etc.

    High: potentially game breaking issues, i.e. crashes, freezes, problems that leed to soft locking the game and being unable to continue without loading a save, etc.
    Medium: potentially annnoying or frustrating issues, i.e. puzzle elements not working as intended, unintended level completion, missing or faulty autosaves, etc.
    Low: minor issues like visual or audio problems that do not disturb the flow of the game, but may cause some small inconvenience to players, etc.

    Can you make this problem occure whenever you perform a certain action or does it happen at random, without a discernible cause?