Become a Playtester

The Cooperative Update for Portal Reloaded is now available for playtesting. If you want to help improve the quality of the update before its official release and you feel like you can provide helpful feedback, there is information on how to play the update below. 

Important Notes

  • You and the person you are playing with need to have Portal Reloaded installed on your Steam account
  • At least one of you should have played through the singleplayer campaign of Portal Reloaded
  • Please take notes while playing and record your gameplay if possible
  • Please fill out the playtester feedback form after playing the update
  • If you need to look up the solution to a test chamber, feel free to use this playthrough
  • You can report problems you encountered here

How to Play the Update

To play the update today, open up the Steam client, right-click on Portal Reloaded and select Properties. Navigate to the Betas tab and select beta – public testing branch. That’s all! The update should now be downloaded automatically. Make sure both you and your partner have the update installed before playing. Thanks for your help. I’m looking forward to your feedback!